GeoNet Quake Search

This application allows you to search the New Zealand earthquake catalogue using temporal, spatial, depth and magnitude constraints, build queries to request data in different formats, or show search results on an interactive map.

Enter search parameters in the text boxes or select values from the default options. The search boundary can be changed by zooming or panning the map after selecting the Map Extent option.

Catalogue data are stored at the precision used in the calculations. Please refer to Catalogue Output for descriptions of the fields and our recommendations for rounding. The data are made available under the GeoNet Data Policy.

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Quake search uses digital degrees to represent coordinates on the map. Longitude degrees are east of meridian. Latitude degrees are from the equator. South is negative, North is positive.

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The URL(s) to request quakes for the specified condition is shown below, copy the url or click on Download to get quakes data.

Note: Multiple requests are needed to request large amount of data as the maximum number of quakes per request is limited to 20,000 to prevent system crash.